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  • byrev 1:29 am pe February 22, 2012 Legătură permanentă | Răspunde
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    Softpedia, Furt de Trafic 

    O parte din continutul textual al forumului Softpedia este scris de utilizatori care nu mai au acces pe forum, adica au fost banati. Forumul nu permite stergerea niciunui cont, chiar daca este banat, si in consecinta, utilizarea textului unui utilizator banat de exemplu pe motive de spam, se numeste tot spam. Practic „furtul” de trafic este un spam intretinut de ani de zile fara nicio jena, folosind continut care in mod normal nu ar trebui sa mai existe, si sa nu uitam ca utilizatorii nu pot sa’si stearga contul si intreaga contributie, texte, etc .. acesta este un ABUZ.

    Pentru cei curiosi despre practicile abuzive de pe softpedia, despre cenzura, furt si addware, vedeti aici => Abuzurile Softpedia

    (nu-mi plac siteurile porno)

  • byrev 5:51 am pe September 7, 2010 Legătură permanentă | Răspunde
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    Godaddy mistake report !? 

    I receive 2 email today like this & I but I think is a mistake … can’t be true. 4REV.NET is only wordpress blog, without any email there… and the message from godaddy has absolutely no evidence, nothing … what happens?

    godaddy spam abuse


    Dear Mihaela Vicol,

    We have received complaints that you are involved in sending unsolicited email messages for/from the following domain(s):


    If this is the case,, Inc. requires that you cease this activity immediately. You are also required to respond to this notification within 24 hours to address the situation. Failure to do so may lead to the suspension or cancellation of service.

    Please review our Universal Terms of Service for details on the nature of this situation:

    Specifically, we recommend you review Sections 4 and 9 of this agreement.

    Again, as we stated above, you are required to respond to this notification within 24 hours to address the situation. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Spam and Abuse Department, Inc.

    RBL is OK

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